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Charlotte Hannah
Deputy Editor

Charlotte Hannah is incapable of writing about herself in a serious manner. She once won a class spelling bee in the third grade, and believes this qualifies her to write stuff on the Internet.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
David Blaine (I know, ugh) made me want to be a magician, and Big Wolf on Campus – a Canadian TV show, for those who missed out -- made me want to be a werewolf, mostly because Tommy was hot. I think I would’ve preferred to be a famous werewolf magician. Possibly also an Animorph.

These are a few of your favorite things.
Black coffee, old radiators, drinking on patios, women in boots, nature hikes and geocaching, late night conversations, kitty snuggles, hot people with pretty eyes and cool tattoos, chunky knitwear, chubby animals.

What’s the best hairstyle you ever had?
I’m currently rocking one of those Skrillex-esque half-shaved cuts -- several years too late, I know -- dyed red with henna, and I’m actually quite fond of it. Other notable mentions include the dyed-black Amelie bob and the blue mermaid hair complete with matching blue eyebrows (because you’ve gotta make it look real).

What’s the first concert you attended?
The Backstreet Boys. I know. My rich friend had box seats and I couldn’t pass it up. Plus, Kevin totally winked at me. What? Don’t judge me. ONLY KEVIN CAN JUDGE ME.

What’s your most memorable brush with fame?
My birth was marked by a large public party complete with clowns, a hot tub on a lawn and money raised for charity. I still have the clipping from a story about it in a local paper. It was kind of a big deal.

What do you think about when you’re lying in bed at night?
“What just touched my foot? Oh, it’s the cat. Wait, is it the cat? Is the cat even in here? What if it’s a ghost? It’s not a ghost. Ghosts aren’t real. BUT MAYBE THEY ARE. I should read a book about ghosts. I’ll look into that tomorrow. Oh god, tomorrow. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Maybe I can fake sick. I have been feeling kind of sick lately anyway so it’s only, like, half a lie. Wait, what if I’m really sick? What if I have cancer? What if the universe punishes me for faking sick and I end up getting cancer? And haunted by a ghost who regrets not working more when she was alive and is now punishing me for my laziness? I should probably go to work tomorrow. I bet famous magician werewolves don’t hate having to go to work every day. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE, CHARLOTTE?! What was that? Did something just touch my foot?”

Pro tip you’d give the world.
You can clean just about anything with vinegar. Also, never cook bacon in the nude.

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