Twirlit Staff
March 17, 2014

Study: Seeing Happy People Can Make You Feel Depressed

If seeing a happy couple celebrating on the big screen, your favorite TV show or even just an advertisement makes you sad, you are not alone.

Recently, the University of Southern California compiled research that found this to be true.

Seven experiments were conducted by consumer psychologist Lisa Cavanaugh. In one of the experiments, Cavanaugh showed people electronic greeting cards that displayed relationships, either platonic or romantic.

The following day, the subjects were sent to the store to shop for lip balm, shampoo and other personal products. They were told to select between low end, middle end and high end brands, and the tests found that the single subjects selected fewer high end products.

Subjects who were reminded of close platonic relationships picked the high end items.

“It is the perceptions of deservingness but not feelings or mood that most accurately predict whether indulgence occurs,” Cavanaugh said.

This kind of follows the same train of thought that tells you not to go to the grocery store when you are hungry because you’ll end up with a bunch of foods you think sound good at the time.


Information from The Frisky was used