Nokyoung Xayasane
February 25, 2013

7 Strange Relics Left in Library Books

You’re leafing through a library book to see if it’s worth a read, when suddenly, something flutters out from between its pages. It’s usually just a forgotten bookmark or scrap of paper, but occasionally, you come upon a truly weird find.

Check out these strange objects that have been discovered in library books from around the world.


This adorable photo of a baby in the womb was found in a dictionary in 2003.

POW camp stamp

This 1930s book has the stamp of Oflag IX A, a prisoner of war camp in Germany for officers. It’s crazy when history slaps you across the face like this.

Spoon and tray

Someone was getting a bit peckish while they were reading, but they forgot their McDonald’s spoon and tray inside this library book.


We can only imagine the awkward moment when the dude who left this item in a library book realizes he’s without a condom.

Sanitary napkin

Aunt Flo doesn’t care if you need to read for finals. Keeping a pad nearby is a good idea, but really?

500 Indonesian rupiah bill

Don’t get too excited. 500 Indonesian rupiah is 5 cents American.

A gun

Someone’s taking concealed weapons to a whole new level. This antique gun was hiding in the carved-out pages of an atlas.