Laura Crewe
September 06, 2013

The Cast of ‘Family Ties’: Where Are They Now?

If you’re a child of the ‘80s, you no doubt have some fond memories of sitting down to watch Family Ties. Who can forget that Billy Vera and the Beaters moment when Ellen left Alex at the dance? Or the oh-so-clueless but lovable Nick (Mallooreeee)?

I remember my mom joining me to watch the very last episode ever, when they televised the cast coming out on set to applause from the live studio audience. Watching Michael J. Fox tear up as he faced the crowd made it feel like the end of something epic.

If you wanna know what’s become of that much-beloved cast since their 1989 curtain call, read on to catch up with Elyse, Stephen, Skippy, Jennifer and all the rest.

Photo credit: Twirlit.com

Photo credit: Twirlit.com