Amanda Pendolino
September 05, 2013

You Can Buy a 118-Carat Diamond for Just $30 Million

piggy bank with diamond dollar sign sunglasses

Credit: Gts / Shutterstock

Do you have $30 million lying around? Perhaps you’d like to buy the world’s largest diamond.

Next month, Sotheby’s auction house in New York will offer up a giant 118-carat diamond stone. Discovered in 2011 in a country in southern Africa, the diamond is the size of a small egg and is considered the “world’s greatest.”  It has a pre-sale estimate of $28 million to $35 million and will be auctioned off in Hong Kong on Oct. 7.

The diamond’s size, quality, polish and color are all top-notch. “This is the greatest white diamond we’ve ever had the privilege to sell,” said Quek Chin Yeow, deputy chairman of Sotheby’s Asia and an international diamond expert.

The most a diamond has ever sold for is $26.7 million — and since that stone was just 101 carats, I’m guessing this one will set a new record. Only three other white diamonds have weighed in at more than 100 carats.

My only question is, what would you DO with such a diamond? Display it in a case in your home, I guess, because I don’t think you’d walk around with an egg-sized diamond on your finger.

For comparison, celebrities with giant engagement rings generally wear stones in the 12 to 20 carat range. Blake Lively‘s engagement ring from Ryan Reynolds, for example, is 12 carats and cost about $2 million.