Charlotte Hannah
September 03, 2013

7 Formerly Cool Things Hipsters Ruined

No matter how you feel about hipsters (possible answers: Strongly, Very Strongly), you’ve gotta agree they’re fun to hate on – even if you only hate them ironically. Their pretentiousness and inability to genuinely care about anything that isn’t soaked in several sticky layers of PBR and irony makes them a pretty easy target. Plus, they ruin everything that’s cool. Like these things:


Is this going to be a thing? Let’s just not, OK?


This too.


There’s nothing wrong with a good typewriter. But please, leave it at home. And never tell anyone, “I only write on my typewriter. Words on a computer screen just don’t seem as authentic, you know?” (Someone really said this to me once.)


Mustaches were cool until you put them on everything. Look at all these cool mustaches! But now everyone’s got a mustache necklace and a mustache finger tattoo and a mustache on their mustache, and we’re sick of seeing them.

Everything in this picture

Overalls, suit jackets, sock suspenders, shorts, that haircut, the very concept of human dignity: all ruined.

Indie music

You genuinely like a lot of indie music, but at the same time don’t give a crap what music other people listen to because you don’t think liking indie music makes you superior? Prepare to give yourself douche-chills as find yourself forced to utter the phrase, “You probably haven’t heard of them.”

Hating hipsters

I don’t know what’s real anymore.