Charlotte Hannah
August 30, 2013

8 Strange Things You Can Craft Out of Cat Hair

What do you do when your beloved kitty friend leaves tufts and tumbleweeds of his fur everywhere he goes? (Besides cry and buy a Roomba.) Why, you collect that hair and turn it into a craft project, of course! Now, instead of not coming over to your house because there’s cat hair on every surface, people won’t come over to your house because they’re kind of afraid of you. Cat lady success!

Check out these things you can make with cat hair. Then, take to the comments to give us your position in the age-old debate: are cat hair crafts cool or creepy?

A smaller, hairier cat

A handbag

A skein of yarn

There are actually a fair number of websites for people who will turn your cat’s hair into yarn for a price.

A lovely necklace

Here’s an Instructable that’ll teach you how to make felted beads out of your cat’s hair.

A lovely necklace for your cat (whoa)

A cat cigar/plaything

Bird nest building material

Ooh, your cat is not going to like this.

Photo credit: Muffet on Flickr

Photo credit: Muffet on Flickr

An evil clone

The googly eyes are really what sells this.