Amanda Pendolino
August 27, 2013

Study Confirms Men Never Wash Their Sheets

Going to stay over at your boyfriend’s place? You might not want to get between the sheets.

Most single guys change their sheets just once every three months, compared to every two weeks for women, says a new study out of the UK.

Guys aged 18 to 25 are the worst: more than half of respondents admitted they wash their sheets just four times a year. Over 20 percent of the dudes said they “didn’t see the need” to change the sheets more often, and 19 percent said they “didn’t care” about changing them more often.

Guys “don’t care” about changing their bed linens? Wow, I’m so surprised.

The laundry problem seems to be a generational thing, or maybe a maturity thing: people between 35 and 50 are most likely to change their sheets weekly. Couples in relationships change their sheets every 2.3 weeks — but in 81% of couples, the women are initiating that practice.

While I’m completely grossed out, evidently sheet washing isn’t a huge health concern.  “The conventional idea is that you might exacerbate eczema, hayfever or asthma at night, but all of these ideas are more based on conventional wisdom, not necessarily founded in experience,” says Associate Professor Euan Tovey, the head of the Allergen Research Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research.

“We’ve done research that showed that you don’t get as much exposure to dust mites in bed as we once thought,” Tovey continues.  “Anywhere where there is dust and movement you are going to get exposure –– it’s not confined to bed.”

He adds, “I think it’s more of an aesthetic thing than a health thing.” Exactly! I don’t want to stay over if your sheets are disgusting. Guys are smelly and their sheets get smelly, too.

Here’s a tip for all you dudes: own multiple sets of sheets. That way you can change your sheets even if you don’t have time to do laundry. Bed linens aren’t really all that expensive.