Erin Montgomery
August 23, 2013

Cuticle Art Is the Newest Thing in Nails

rad Nails cuticle art temporary tattoos

Photo credit: Rad Nails

It’s no secret that nail art is trendy right now. We’ve seen some outrageous nail designs, from Minnie Mouse-inspired nails to metallics and even leopard print. Wearing just one color is quite unheard of these days.

But is nail art peaking? Not even close!

The latest thing to sweep the nail world isn’t for your nails at all — it’s for your cuticles. Cuticle art is a temporary tattoo designed to accentuate your nail art. It was developed by Rad Nails, the company that brought you those limited edition Ryan Gosling nail wraps.

For those of us who want a tattoo but can’t quite conquer our fear of needles, cuticle accents are a great way to experiment with body art. Cuticle tattoos are applied just like those temporary butterfly tattoos you wore as a little girl. Simply place the tattoo where you’d like it to appear, then hold a wet cloth or paper towel against the back of it. After a few minutes, remove the wet cloth and pull away the paper. You’ll be left with an awesome temporary design on your finger.

While I’m all for nail art, I’m not quite sure how I feel about cuticle art — but it seems to be taking off. There are currently four designs to choose from: In a Pinch, Another Round, Double Drips and Your Point? They can all be purchased off the Rad Nails website — but I must warn you they’re all sold out right now. Told you they were popular!

How do you feel about the cuticle art trend? Would you wear it?