Amanda Pendolino
August 22, 2013

Nick Selby Gives Epic Freshman Welcome Speech at Georgia Tech (VIDEO)

Georgia Tech students love Georgia Tech — and then there’s Nick Selby, whose love takes the whole concept of love to a new level.

The college sophomore gave an epic speech at freshman convocation earlier this week, welcoming the new students to the campus. Take a look:

As the music swelled, Nick bellowed, “In the words of Sir Issac Newton, ‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’ Georgia Tech is proud of its many traditions, but the one I find most exciting is our tradition of excellence.”

He continued, barely taking a breath: “Our mission as students is not to follow in the footsteps of the astronauts, Nobel Prize laureates or Presidential graduates before us, but to exceed their footsteps, crush the shoulders of the giants upon whom we stand, we here are all such innovative people — so I am telling YOU — if you wanna change the world, you’re at Georgia Tech. You can do that. If you wanna build the iron man suit, you’re at Georgia Tech. You can do that!”

And finally, his hilarious self-reflection: “If you wanna play theme music during your convocation speech like a badass, we’re at Georgia Tech! We can do that! I am doing that!”

Damn, I miss college.