Amanda Pendolino
August 22, 2013

Jennifer Lopez’s Stalker Spent Six Days in Her House and Nobody Noticed

A man stalking Jennifer Lopez stayed in her Hamptons home for six days — and nobody noticed!

Former fireman John Dubis (49) allegedly parked his car outside the guest house of J. Lo’s $10 million Hamptons estate earlier this month, snuck inside and slept on her couch for nearly a week without tipping off the singer’s security guards.

Apparently he even posted “vacation” photos online under the fake name “David A. Lopez” with weird captions like, “Some more david and jenny art, Newport, RI,” despite the fact that he was not, in fact, in Rhode Island. Apparently, earlier this year he also called J. Lo’s mom and pretended to be her son. Yikes.

Reports say when a guard finally caught the man, he claimed he was J. Lo’s husband and the father of her children, and that he had permission to stay at her place. He was then taken in for psychiatric evaluation. We’re glad he’s getting help.

Now, obviously Jennifer wasn’t home at the time (I’m guessing she was in L.A.), but how does this happen? Didn’t anyone see The Bling Ring? I hope J. Lo has stepped up her security and hired some new employees! A neighbor said that on second reflection, the man seemed weird — but she had just assumed he was another member of J. Lo’s security team.

J. Lo herself was once homeless before she hit the big time, sleeping on the sofa of a dance studio — but I doubt she’d be OK with random dudes sneaking into her house and catching Zs on her couch.