Charlotte Hannah
August 19, 2013

Bull Terrier Feeds Baby Goats With Milk Pants (VIDEO)

In this video, Gladys the bull terrier – aka The Amazing Milk Bull — feeds some bouncy baby goats with the help of a special pair of milk pants. Watching it is guaranteed to be the cutest two minutes and 20 seconds of your day, unless you work in a kitten factory or an office full of adorable old couples who are still in love EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.

Here’s a bit of background from Gladys’ humans at Fetching Tags:

“Gladys was not trained for her session with the Milk Pants. The idea evolved from the fact that Gladys was completely obsessed with the baby goats, she licked them from the moment they were born, & accompanied us to bottle feed them 3 times a day – never missing a session. She cleaned all the little dribbles of milk as they drank & just adored them, lying super still on the ground while they pounced on her when they were small & running with them as they got bigger & bouncier.

“We joked that she would love to feed them herself, if only there was a way for her to hold the bottles. Practice for the video consisted of a failed attempt with a rigged bottle harness – she was too short & bottle angle was wrong, & what you see in the footage. She was less than a year old, & the words stand/stay were not in her vocabulary. She just stood on the hay & wore the pants while we taped & arranged goats.”

Also: Bull terriers are the best! Don’t you just love their weird little faces?