Amanda Pendolino
August 16, 2013

Female Cheaters Are Most Popular Members on OKCupid

Want to get more messages on OKCupid? Try cheating on your boyfriend.

According to a fascinating new study/experiment from Recovery, women who joined the online dating site and openly admitted they wanted to cheat on their partners got significantly more messages than those who said they were thinking about breaking things off or that they were completely unattached. created 40 fake profiles of OKCupid members, divided into four categories:

The Brazen Cheats – people who made no attempt to hide their infidelity and announced their plans to cheat in the first line of their profiles

The Married Maybes – married people who joined the site because they were considering seeing other people

The Recently Taken – people who recently got into relationships (and didn’t state any desire to cheat) but kept their profiles up

The Sincerely Singles – the control group: people who were actually single, looking for other actually single people

The experiment looked at the top five cities for infidelity: Oklahoma City, Miami, Houston, Austin and Washington, D.C.

After a week, The Brazen Cheats female profiles received the most messages — 366 compared to 129 in The Married Maybes, 89 in The Recently Taken, and 262 in The Sincerely Singles.

Men got much fewer messages (all of us on online dating sites can attest to the fact that women generally just sit back and wait for messages from men instead of reaching out), but the male Brazen Cheats also got more messages than the other guys!

What’s also amusing is that 82 percent of the messages the male Brazen Cheats received were insults or questions about whether their plans to cheat were actually legit.

“I think a large part of why there was such a difference between the men’s and women’s numbers has something to do with the most common reasons men and women are on dating sites; many more men than women are on them just looking for sex,” says the experimenter.

Definitely take a look at the experiment, which also explores how men and women share their cheating experiences on social media.

I guess I’m jaded, because none of this OKCupid information really shocks me. If anything, I’m glad the Internet has made people a bit more honest about their motives. People can be upfront in their profile descriptions and check off boxes saying what they’re looking for. I feel like there’s some kind of online dating code in that we don’t want to waste each other’s time, which can only be a good thing.

Sure, I sometimes receive emails from 20 percent matches, married dudes and threesome-seeking girls who clearly are throwing all the spaghetti against the wall (leave me alone, Leanne!), but dating sites contain so many members that there’s no reason to chase someone who doesn’t want what you want.