Charlotte Hannah
August 15, 2013

Cringe-Watch Tan Mom’s Disastrous Music Video

Tan Mom (real name Patricia Krentcil) is the sad product of a world in which anyone can be famous if they’re pathetic and loud enough.

Originally rocketing to Internet stardom after being arrested on charges of second-degree child endangerment for allegedly letting her five-year-old daughter use a tanning booth (charges were later dropped), Tan Mom and her infamous leathery skin have been milking the spotlight ever since.

She’s posed in magazines, done bikini photo shoots, publicly struggled with substance addiction and made some pretty terrible music videos – including this new one with pop singer Adam Barta.

Over the course of a terrifying yet riveting 3 minutes and 43 seconds, Tan Mom brags about going to rehab with Michael Lohan, disses Farrah Abraham and, wears a thong and “sings.” You can never unsee it.

Pass the brain bleach, please.

(This video is NSFW for language, general grossness and Tan Mom.)