Charlotte Hannah
August 14, 2013

How Old Are Your Ears? Take This Hearing Test to Find Out (VIDEO)

Have you ever heard of those Mosquito devices that some cities and businesses install to keep so-called troublemaking teens from loitering in areas where they’re not welcome? They work by emitting a high-pitched tone that can only be heard by young people whose hearing hasn’t yet degraded.

It’s the same concept behind ultrasonic ringtones – downloadable ringtones that purport to be only audible to teens, thereby keeping teenagers’ very important phone calls safe from the clutches of The Olds.

We all know that hearing tends to get worse over time, a process that can be sped up with the use of loud iPods and time spent at rock concerts – but do you know why? And more importantly, do you know how bad (or good! But probably bad) your own hearing is?

Watch this video to learn some neat facts about hearing loss and determine your own “hearing age” by listening to some high-pitched sounds. Just so you know, you’ll need headphones for this. Oh, and it goes without saying that since these are high-pitched tones, they’re going to be … well, pretty annoying.

Post your hearing age in the comments! 17,000Hz was the last one I could hear. I knew standing next to those jet engines would catch up with me someday.