Amanda Pendolino
August 12, 2013

You Now Need ID to Buy Nail Polish Remover at CVS

Need some nail polish remover? We’re gonna need to see some ID.

CVS Pharmacy has instated a new policy requiring customers to show identification to purchase some nail polish removers.

You can thank Walter White for this new inconvenience. CVS is cracking down because nail polish removers often contain acetone, a common ingredient used to make meth.

CVS explains the policy with store signs that read, “CVS Pharmacy is helping to protect our community from the illegal making and use of methamphetamine. Because acetone can be used in this process, valid ID must be presented to purchase some acetone-containing products such as nail polish remover. There may also be restrictions on the quantity of acetone products that can be purchased.”

The retailer will scan your ID and track your nail polish remover purchases. This probably means you won’t be able to use the self checkout, or you’ll have to wait for the ever-disappearing self checkout attendant to come by — yay.

If you purchase multiple bottles of nail polish remover or buy bottles at multiple locations, you’ll be flagged. It’s also against the rules to buy pseudoephedrine products and acetone-containing products in the same transaction. (The government cracked down on¬†pseudoephedrine purchases back in 2006.)

You can avoid these hassles by purchasing acetone-free nail polish remover, but most of us ladies have figured out that acetone works much better. Here are some recommendations for the best nail polish removers in case you want to do your own experimenting!