Charlotte Hannah
August 12, 2013

Guy Pranks Brother by Flipping Bedroom 90 Degrees (VIDEO)

What would you do if you came home and found your bedroom had been flipped by 90 degrees, with your bed and desk and bookshelves all attached sideways to the wall? You’d probably react in much the same way as the brother of YouTube Tall Tales, who returned from a trip to find his entire bedroom on its side.

Not only is this prank pretty epic as YouTube pranks go, it’s also really trippy to look at. How’d they get the pillows to stay on the bed like that? The effort required for a prank of this caliber is definitely impressive.

Warning: brief NSFW language.

Bonus: Here’s a timelapse video of the entire process of flipping the room. Like I said, these guys get an A+ for effort.