Charlotte Hannah
August 09, 2013

This Compilation of the Best Vines of 2013 Is Amazing (VIDEO)

Gonna be honest, you guys: I don’t really understand the point of Vine. Why do I want to watch six seconds of something? What will I gain from that experience?

But this compilation of the best Vines of 2013 has done a pretty good job of convincing me Vine is pretty cool after all. It turns out six seconds is long enough to create a story, highlight an awesome moment or do something hilarious.

Be forewarned: there’s a lot of swearing and also some screaming. And some mild violence. And a lot of weirdness. In fact, if there’s one thing this video confirmed for me, it’s that humans are pretty weird.

Watch out for the twerking baby at 1:30, an unexpected Mickey Mouse puppy attack at 2:52, a dog driving a car at 4:50, the absolute perfection that occurs at 7:01, a kid totally losing his mind at 7:12, an incredible feat of co-ordination at 8:42 and the absolute best way to wake up at 10:36.

And don’t forget to tell me whether you have any idea what’s going on at 5:58.