Amanda Pendolino
August 08, 2013

Thanks to France, You Can Now Drink Cola-Flavored Wine

Are you dissatisfied with your wine? Do you wish it tasted more like soda?

The French have answered your prayers. The country, which maintains a top-notch culinary reputation despite the fact that a third of its restaurants serve frozen meals, has gifted the Earth with cola-flavored wine.

Bordeaux-based winemaker¬†Haussmann Famille¬†has just introduced Rouge Sucette (which translates to Red Lollipop), a new kind of wine made from 75 percent grapes and 25 percent water, with added sugar and cola flavoring. It’s designed to be served chilled.

Apparently, this is the genius solution to the decline in wine consumption in France.

“[The cola flavor] is to answer to a new kind of need and a market demand,” says Pauline Lacombe, company spokeswoman for Haussmann Famille. “Tastes evolve in time and we have to adapt.”

Interestingly enough, wine consumption is actually on the rise in the United States — it’s beer that’s becoming less trendy (despite the ubiquity of craft beer and the snobs who drink it better than you).

Also on the rise in the U.S. is the consumption of sweet wines — so perhaps the French aren’t so off-base with their cola-wine pairing.

Would you ever drink it? If Rouge Sucette is anything like chocolate-flavored wine, count me out. Who knew that liking plain old regular wine would make me a wine snob?