Amanda Pendolino
August 07, 2013

Forever 21 Wants You to Dress Like a Taxicab

In case you haven’t already been blinded by all the bare midriffs this summer, the ’90s are back — for realz.

Some of this fall’s new fashion trends are making me salivate (you will be MINE, feminine stuff at Anthro) — but others are making me scratch my head. Do we really need to return to oversized blazersplaid babydoll dresses and overalls? Apparently, reality still bites.

But the worst new fashions are those that turn you into a taxicab. I present you with two new arrivals from Forever 21. If you’re walking down the streets of Manhattan, watch out for drunk boys trying to hail you.

First, the Checkered Cropped Sweater:

And second, the Checkered Crop Top:

Am I the only one who thinks taxi-chic is hideous? Just say no, ladies.

Then again, this “Rich” bodysuit might be even worse:

What do you think of the return-to-the-’90s fashions of fall 2013?