Ann Wong
August 07, 2013

9 Super Galactic Accessories That’ll Let Your Inner Geek Shine

Are you a closet geek? A Star Trek or Star Wars fangirl who wants to show her love for all things geeky without walking around in a full-on Wookiee costume? Here are some super galactic fashion pieces chic enough to be appropriate for just about any situation while still letting your inner geek shine!

1. Converse Space Shoes

Photo credit: Littleblacksky on Etsy

Photo credit: Littleblacksky on Etsy

You certainly won’t defy gravity with these galaxy Converse — but oh, how cool you’ll look in them.

2. The Starry Space Nebula Skirt

Pair this awesome asymmetric galaxy skirt with a plain white t-shirt or tank and you’ll be out-of-this-world cute.

3. Miss Universe Cotton Galaxy Purse

Did you know most of the galaxy prints out there are real pictures captured by NASA? You can tell your date you’re carrying a real outer space nebula.

4. The Starry Night Dress

Most of the time, starry prints look childish, but this cute dress actually looks quite chic.

5. The Cosmic Space Bangle

Photo credit: Jenns Pendants on Etsy

Photo credit: Jenns Pendants on Etsy

This beautiful cosmic bangle really does look like you’re wearing a planet. Stunning!

6. The Fox Fur Nebula iPhone Case

Techie nerds, this Fox Fur Nebula iPhone case is for you.

7. Cosmic Hair Bow Tie

This space print hair bow screams girly and nerdy — a perfect combination!

8. Stephanie’s Galaxy Nail Wraps

Gorgeous nail art is such a simple and eye-catching way to wear the planets. These galaxy print nail wraps are my fave!

9. Space Age Trifari Necklace

While this piece may not feature a galaxy print, its clean lines and shiny chrome make it fit for any space princess.