Charlotte Hannah
August 06, 2013

Band Creatively Sidesteps Bar’s Refusal to Admit Underage Guitarist (VIDEO)

All Wayne Szalinski – the band, not the protagonist in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids – wanted was to play a live gig in a bar. Unfortunately, while the band was able to book a show, the bar it was slated to play in takes its “no minors allowed” rule very, very seriously.

Because of this, Wayne Szalinski’s lead guitarist and vocalist, Andy, wasn’t allowed in — he was under 21. Undeterred by what should’ve been a major setback (how do you play a show without your singer?), Wayne Szalinki found a workaround. Not only did the band’s creative solution result in a successful show, it also led to the creation of a wonderful video that’s currently going viral.

Check it out: