Amanda Pendolino
August 02, 2013

Sean Parker Spends $10 Million on ‘Lord of the Rings’-Themed Wedding

You know what’s cooler than a million dollars? A 10-million dollar Lord of the Rings-themed wedding.

Vanity Fair has just published photos from Napster co-founder Sean Parker‘s June wedding to singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas, which included 364 guests, faux bridges, a six-tier flower-adorned cake, a pig roast, bearskin beds for lounging, a ruined stone castle, two broken Roman columns and a pen of bunnies “for anyone who needed a cuddle.” Words cannot describe how insanely over the top this wedding was — you’ll have to head over to Vanity Fair to see the pictures.

I think my favorite fact about the Big Sur mega-wedding is that in order to capture the authentic look of Lord of the Rings, Parker hired the actual Oscar-winning costume designer from Lord of the Rings to create costumes for all 364 guests. 

I’m also confused by the fact that Parker sang “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid to his bride. Part of what world? That song is not in Lord of the Rings! Stay on theme, dude.

Apparently, Parker has denied that his “performance art project” truly cost $10 million — but he admitted he was out $4.5 million for the set and $2.5 million for the fine he incurred for building in a redwood grove without permission. (You know, typical wedding problems.)

Celebrity guests included Sting (who sang), Allison Williams and Olivia Munn. Plenty of tech industry bigwigs from Twitter and Facebook were also in attendance.

I gotta admit, the setup of this wedding is gorgeous. But is $10 million for a wedding totally crazy, even if you can afford it?