Amanda Pendolino
July 31, 2013

Utah Bride Tosses Bouquet by Launching Herself in Human Slingshot (VIDEO)

How far would you go to make your wedding memorable? Would you launch yourself in a human slingshot?

That’s exactly what Natasha Johnson did earlier this month in Utah.

Natasha and her now-husband Jacob wanted to have a mechanical bull at their wedding, but their parents thought that would be “too redneck.”

Instead, the couple held their nuptials at Hobble Creek Lodge in Springville, home of “Utah’s human slingshot.”

For the bouquet toss, Natasha got into the giant red rubber band — big white dress and all — and had an ATV pull her back before launching her into the air. After swinging back and forth a few times, she threw her bouquet, which was caught by her niece. Check out the video posted by wedding guest Colton Spencer:

Not redneck at all, right?

“I was afraid of ripping my dress,” Natasha said. She was also afraid of flashing her guests (apparently that’s not classy?), so she wore shorts underneath.

A lot of thought went into this stunt; the wedding party even practiced the human slingshot launch the night before. It was a challenge, since Natasha was “20 pounds heavier” in her wedding gown.

If a human slingshot is too intense for you, you can still capture the spirit with some of the genius ideas at Camo cake, anyone?

Perhaps the crazy bouquet toss is the new crazy proposal!