Digital Life
Stephanie Nikita
July 31, 2013

5 Must-Read Tumblrs Run by Women

On the surface, it would seem Tumblr exists solely as a place for people to come together and geek out about their favorite TV shows and drool over hot guys — but it’s actually much more than that. If you know where to look, Tumblr’s got some fantastic and smart content — lots of which is actually created by (gasp!) women.

Here’s a list of five of our favorite women-run Tumblrs.


Who runs it: Cassey Ho
What it’s about: Workouts and nutrition, with a focus on Pilates and High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) and eating healthily.
Why it’s awesome: Cassey Ho is full of energy and is the embodiment of healthy living. She has a realistic approach to fitness without the usual feeling of pressure or shame often associated with diet coaches and fitness buffs. She offers meal plans and suggested workout schedules, as well as instructional videos that always leave you feeling good about yourself.

Science in a Can

Who runs it: Lauren Fuge
What it’s about: Science, the universe and everything — in 300 words plus a picture!
Why it’s awesome: Lauren Fuge is a creative writing student interested  in science. She provides the perfect voice for learning about the really neat science-y stuff without the complex jargon that fills the sentences of most science-oriented media. It’s a fantastic resource for anyone and everyone who wants to learn a little more about this awesome universe we live in.

The Political Notebook

Who runs it: Tori Rose DeGhett
What it’s about: It focuses mainly on the politics of war, and is a reliable, readable and excellent resource for further readings on Middle Eastern politics and the realities of war.
Why it’s awesome: It’s run by a young, ambitious woman who’s writing about the world and issues that matter on a platform mostly saturated with fluff and porn.


Who runs it: Laura and Georgia
What it’s about: Language! Mostly English. They also touch on chatspeak and Internet language, which is really interesting.
Why it’s awesome: It’s a trivia powerhouse — and an awesome study aid for all you English and literature students. These learned ladies — Laura has an undergraduate degree in linguistics and Italian and an honors in phonetics, and Georgia is working towards a PhD in linguistics — are preaching the good word about words.


Who runs it: Tiff Fehr
What it’s about: News and news media
Why it’s awesome: It’s a mixture of reblogged and original content about the news and news media. Often including cool graphics and lots of posts on a wide range of the news topics from all over the world, this blog is a must-read.