Charlotte Hannah
July 30, 2013

Hello Flo’s ‘Camp Gyno’ Ad Is Perfect (VIDEO)

Photo credit: HelloFlo on YouTube / Screenshot by

Photo credit: HelloFlo on YouTube / Screenshot by

There’s a lack of honest talk about periods and it’s doing a disservice to the young women who may not have had one yet.

Sure, grown women commiserate and discuss the gory details in washrooms and changerooms, far out of earshot of men and polite company. But away from those private spaces, period talk is safely sanitized and cloaked in euphemism.

By the time a young woman’s old enough to get her period – er, sorry, her that time of the month – she’s already learned that it’s gross and offensive and that she must quietly take care of it with pads tampons a cup feminine hygiene products.

(Of course, these products have been specially designed to be silent and discreet, to absorb all the blood blue liquid that comes out of her vagina hoo-ha down there place with a minimum of fuss.)

It sets her up for a lifetime of unnecessary shame about a necessary fact of womanhood.

In the past few years, we’ve started to move a little closer to the beautiful feminist utopia in which periods are nothing more than a thing that happens once a month or so and nobody’s afraid to say “vagina.” (Whoa, sorry, I might’ve gotten a little carried away there.) Some high-profile ad campaigns by pad and tampon companies have avoided treating menstruation like a dirty little secret, opting to take a lighthearted, humorous approach.

Hello Flo, a subscription service you can sync with your cycle to have period care packages containing tampons, panty liners and even candy delivered before you get your period every month,  takes this even further with their latest commercial, “Camp Gyno.” It features an adorable little girl who gets ousted from her unofficial role as Camp Gyno after her fellow campers discover Hello Flo’s period starter kits – which she describes as being “like Santa for your vagina.”

This is how we should be talking about periods, you guys. Great job, Hello Flo.