Charlotte Hannah
July 26, 2013

Look at This Adorable Baby Zonkey (VIDEO)

It’s a tale as old as time: two star-crossed lovers from vastly different worlds overcome all odds and defy those who seek to keep them apart in order to make sweet, sweet love and … create a freaky hybrid animal baby? Yep, Romeo and Juliet, you ain’t got nothin’ on these animals.

Despite being kept in different enclosures, a zebra and a donkey at an animal sanctuary in Italy fell in love. Knowing their keepers would never let them be together, the male zebra scaled the security fence in the dead of night and he and his donkey bride did something animals of different species aren’t supposed to do.

Flash forward several months, and Ippo was born.

Ippo is a zonkey, also known as a zedonk. This is the name given to an animal born of a zebra dad and a donkey mom. When it’s the other way around, the result is called a donkra. The general name for any hybrid of a zebra and another animal is “zebroid.” The more you know!

Ippo looks like a weird donkey with huge ears and zebra legs. According to her handlers, she’s healthy and playful. And as you can see, she’s so cute!