Amanda Pendolino
July 25, 2013

New App Lets Guys Buy You Drinks Via Smartphone

Ladies night is about to get a technological makeover.

A new app called BarEye lets users buy drinks using their smartphone, without taking out credit cards or cash. You can also use the app to buy drinks when you’re not even at the bar!

“BarEye is a new cool way to socialize with your friends and buy drinks via the application,” says Jonathan Vilma, a linebacker with the New Orleans Saints and BarEye co-founder. In addition to buying drinks, you can use BarEye to “check in” with FourSquare.

If someone buys you a drink voucher with the app, you just scan your phone with the bar’s iPad to redeem it.

Photo credit: Apple

Photo credit: Apple

The NFL player and his business partner Andrew Bennett have tested the app in Florida and will soon roll it out in New York, Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles and Miami.

The app is free for users and bars, but the watering holes do have to pay 20 percent of their tab to the tech company.

Perhaps dating apps like Tinder will start to incorporate this technology. Guys can do more than “heart” you — they can show how serious they are by sending you a beer!

Do you think you’d use an app like BarEye?