Charlotte Hannah
July 19, 2013

What Is Femininity? Antiquated and Timeless Answers From 1965

What is femininity (aside from really difficult to write without spellcheck)? Back in 1965, Teen magazine decided to answer this important question by asking a bunch of actresses, thus proving nothing’s really changed since the ‘60s.

Here are their answers. Some have aged well, while others are hilariously out of date.

Beverly Washburn


“To be feminine, a girl’s dress must be tight enough to show she’s a woman, yet loose enough to show she’s a lady.”







Sandra Dee


“You must be meticulous in your clothing, makeup, skin — to be clean, fresh and nice all the time.”





Jane Fonda


“Femininity is knowing how to listen — men love it!”







Donna Loren


“Your hair and eye makeup are your most feminine assets. I like to do my own, so I experiment most of the time. If these two things are right for you, then you are feminine.”




Janet Lennon


“Femininity is a gracious personality. You treat people as being equal. This comes from inside. Though your exterior appearance is important, the real beauty comes from your attitude. If it’s there, it will come through.”







Susan Oliver


“I think the most important asset of feminine charm is a woman’s real interest in the world around her. She is then alive in the best sense of the word, reflecting an involvement in things and people outside herself. It’s a big, wide wonderful world, and you can continue to improve yourself by becoming part of it. This works both ways, too. Interest in people is an attractive quality, and people are drawn to those who have it. It’s one of the keystones of a woman’s appeal.”

Hayley Mills


“The most feminine thing about me is that I’m not a boy!”


Heck yeah! Best answer.