Stephanie Nikita
July 19, 2013

16 Cool Converse Sneakers for Women

Chuck Taylors — also known as Converse or simply Chucks — are possibly the best shoe in the world.

Don’t believe me? Think about it. What other shoe can be worn by punk rockers, sporty types, artists, gamers, your “cool aunt” and the average nerdy college student while never being pinned down to any single one of those genres of people? I certainly can’t think of any.

So whatever you consider your look to be, know these versatile shoes can be customized to suit you, no problem. Here’s a list of some canvas cuties for any style:

Pretty in punk

Leopard print and plaid aside, let’s get to the real heart of punk.

What says non-conformity better than these very unconventional pants? Or would you say they’re shoes? Either way, slip in and rock on!

Photo credit: Radek Leski, Studiozupa

Photo credit: Radek Leski, Studiozupa

Studs. ‘nuff said?

For the goth’s night out. Good luck taking these off, though.


Party like a pop star

Like to party? Fancy yourself an offbeat fashionista? These high-tops have got you (and your very fashionable ankles) covered.

Get on your dancing shoes so the DJ knows who you want to dance all night to!

Photo credit: Ponko World, Etsy

Photo credit: Ponko World, Etsy

What else would you wear with your black leggings and neon crop top? Obvi — black and white Dalmatian shoes with neon embellishments!


Sporty style

You might know them for their ubiquitous high-tops, but Converse also makes shoes in plenty of other styles, including these sporty-looking numbers.

These may not be much to look at, but they’ll get you past the finish line.

And once you’re there, you can slip into these and let your overworked feet catch a breeze.


Unleash your inner artist

These shoes are made of canvas, perfect for any artist. You could always buy a white pair and customize to your artsy heart’s delight, but here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Like to doodle tattoo designs all day long? These babies are for you!

Who was more creative than the good doctor? Slip these on and be transported to a land of limitless creativity!

The pencils and paints can’t have it all — gotta keep the photographers in mind!

Photo credit: Annatar J on Etsy

Photo credit: Annatar J on Etsy


Gear for the geeks and the gamers

Calling all geeks and gamers! The world is your oyster these days when it comes to expressing your love for your favorite obsessions. These shoes are proof of that.

Not a Nintendo fan? Well how about a PlayStation/Atari/Sega throwback like STREET FIGHTER!

Wonder Woman kicks ass, and now your kicks can too!

Got your heart set on being the next companion? Let the universe know! But don’t worry, these shoes won’t make your feet any bigger on the inside.


General awesomeness

Whatever your style, you can show off your general awesomeness with these sweet shoes.

It’s always nice to have one item in your wardrobe that just screams “I’m smarter than you, and you don’t even know it!” And these are perfect for that.

Head in the clouds? Time to reach higher!

And finally, gotta keep those feet and legs warm on those long walks to the library! Be sure to bundle up with these bad boys!

Photo credit: PrettySneaky on Etsy

Photo credit: PrettySneaky on Etsy