Charlotte Hannah
July 18, 2013

T-Rex Wedding Picture Inspires ‘Wedding Party Attack’ Trend (PHOTOS)

Remember that awesome picture from a few weeks ago of a wedding party running away from a rampaging T-Rex? Apparently we weren’t the only ones who liked it, because similar “wedding party attack” photos have been popping up all over the place.

This makes me wonder, though: was the first, taken by photographer Quinn Miller, only cool because it was original? If wedding party attack photos turn into a trend, will they end up going the way of the “everyone jumping in a line picture” – de rigueur for every respectable wedding photo set and thus, utterly boring? Maybe my years spent being a woman of the Internet – enduring trends that are as quick to become stale as they are to appear in the first place — have hardened me to the simple joy of looking at something cool.

I think you’d be a better judge. Check these out and let me know: