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Charlotte Hannah
July 17, 2013

Quirky Pillows That’ll Spice Up Your Space

One of the major differences between a college student’s sparsely furnished party kingdom and a real grown-up’s well-decorated home is the addition of lots of pillows — pillows that serve purposes other than resting one’s head while passed out and covering cans of beer when mom and dad drop by unexpectedly.

But hey, just because pillows will help you turn your living space into an actual home doesn’t mean they have to be stuffy or boring. These quirky, funny, irreverent pillows will help you spice up your space with the perfect blend of maturity and personality.

Nerd pride

We wrote about this one the other day, and now we’re writing about it again because — let’s face it, this is awesome.


If all the half-finished craft projects strewn about your house weren’t saying it loud enough, advertise your inability to complete a project with this silly pillow. It’s an endearing quality though, right?

Them’s the rules!

Use this pillow to lay down the law in an extremely stylish fashion.

Seat saver

Apparently this is a quote from The Big Bang Theory, which is dumb because it’s three words that are frequently said together, particularly by people who have a favorite spot on the couch. So I guess you could use this pillow to either save your special seat or reveal your embarrassing TV-watching habits. Your call.

Just so everybody knows

Heck yeah you are! Put this thing on your couch and everyone will be forced to acknowledge it.

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Bed hoggers FO LYFE

Let your boyfriends and hookups know how it’s going to be.

Possibly just crazy

Want to celebrate your crazy love for Beyonce and Jay-Z and/or warn your houseguests that you’re at least partially off your rocker? Why not say it with a hand-embroidered “Crazy in Love” pillow?

Photo credit: Kieran McCann on Etsy

Photo credit: Kieran McCann on Etsy