Terri Coles
July 15, 2013

The Man Who Got a Job When He Made It Clear He Wasn’t a Woman

Australian Kim O’Grady spent four months in the late 1990s searching fruitlessly for a job before he made one little change to his resume. That change? He added “Mr.” before his name on his resume, to make it clear he was a man named Kim, and not a woman. Apparently that made the difference, and O’Grady’s Tumblr post about the experience has gone viral.

To his credit, O’Grady realizes his experience shows how pervasive gender discrimination still is — he titled his Tumblr post “How I Discovered Gender Discrimination.” He was applying for jobs in male-dominated fields like management and engineering, and he figured out that people were seeing his name at the top of his resume, assuming he was a woman, and putting him in the “Thanks, but no thanks” pile.

Based on the replies to his post, O’Grady’s experience isn’t an anomaly. He wrote this in a follow-up to his original post:

Perhaps the ease with which everyone finds the story of my experience so entirely believable is the most distressing part. People have expressed sadness, disappointment, anger, but no man or woman has expressed disbelief. I have also not seen a single example of anyone declaring that my story is only relevant to my local experience as an Australian. It’s been shared widely throughout the USA, Canada and the UK, and I have even seen a few links from outside the anglosphere.

Now that is some crap. If you ever talk to someone who doubts gender discrimination in the workplace still exists — and we don’t — maybe share this story.