Charlotte Hannah
July 11, 2013

Watch This Soldier Rescue Wheelchair-Bound Man from Subway Tracks (VIDEO)

A U.S. Army Specialist named Michael Menchaca as well as two unnamed good Samaritans are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a wheelchair-bound man who fell onto a set of subway tracks in Washington, D.C., on July 4.

In this harrowing surveillance video, Menchaca is seen leaping onto the tracks after a man in an electric wheelchair plummets over the edge of the platform. ABC News reports the man was trying to read a sign on the other side of the tracks when he lost control of his wheelchair and slipped over the edge.

Luckily, due to Menchaca’s split-second decision to jump down after him, as well as the assistance of two other men who followed him onto the tracks, the man’s life was saved. ABC News reports:

“The unidentified man only suffered minor injuries and now Menchaca is now being considered for the Soldier’s Medal, the Army’s highest peacetime award.”

Warning: Some people may find the video disturbing. Please be aware that it has a happy ending.

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