Laura Crewe
July 09, 2013

Dudes with Duffel Bags Perplex Me

Someone please explain to me the fashion world’s current obsession with dudes carrying duffel bags.

Seriously, what’s the deal?

I guess duffels are supposed to be manly, as in, here’s me in my rough-and-ready Henley and sh*t-kicker boots, heading off for a weekend camping trip.

Except the photos you see aren’t guys slinging a pack into an SUV for a weekend under the stars. They’re of guys in suits walking down the middle of a four-lane street in New York City. Or men in natty blazers heading to a day at the office.

I get that men need a bag. They can’t carry a purse, and a backpack is too “I’m 17 and just started college.” But a duffel bag?

Duffels are impractical. If you fill them up, they’re too heavy to carry comfortably. Carry them by your side and they pull your one shoulder all to hell and the grip hurts your hand. Carry them slung over your shoulder in a devil-may-care fashion and your elbow gets locked. Men, don’t tell me duffels don’t suck to carry. I know they do.

Where is this man headed dressed like that and carrying a duffel bag like it ain’t no thing?

Well-dressde man carrying a duffel bag

Via: SuitSupply

What the hell does he have stuffed in that bag? Why is he sitting on the edge of that chair looking so pensive?

Man sitting on a chair arm holding a duffel baf

Via: A Life Well Suited

Holding a bag with three fingers? Perhaps that’s how he got his injury.

Man looks doubtful carrying a duffel


Walking in the bike lane holding my duffel bag? Sure, why not. Do it all the time.

Man holding a duffel, standing in a bike lane

Via: Street Etiquette

Where’d you put that duffel when you were actually riding your bike. Hmmm? (P.S. Riding with headphones is dangerous.)

man walking a bike and holding a duffel baf

Via: Breakfast in the Morning

Ride my bike? Pffft. Real man carry their bikes. And a duffel. While wearing a suit. In the bike lane.

Man holding a duffel bag and bicycle

Via: Manners Magazine

Ummm … I guess hobos are in?

Faux hobo man with duffel bag

Photo credit: Nick Onken

This is how duffels are done, people. Liam Hemsworth at LAX — dude’s actually traveling with his bag.

Liam Hemsworth at LAX

Via: Celebrities News