Laura Crewe
July 05, 2013

11 Amazing and Iconic Movie Kisses

In honor of International Kissing Day, we’ve rounded up the most amazing, recognizable and important movie kisses of all-time. Don’t be alarmed if, after reading this post, you feel strangely warm inside.

The Notebook

The Notebook kiss
Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams / 2004
Passion. Rain. Ryan Gosling. How can you go wrong with that combination? We kick off our list with The Notebook, one of the most popular and easily recognized movie kisses of the last 10 years.


Spiderman upside down kiss
Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst / 2002
Spiderman made upside down kisses with masked men cool. (And there’s that rain again.) There have been countless imitators but this scene is the one that started it all.

Gone with The Wind

Gone with the Wind kiss
Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh / 1939
When Rhett says to Scarlett, “You should be kissed, and often,” ladies around the world swooned. Unfortunately for actor Vivien Leigh, her leading man had atrocious breath due to gum disease — it was so bad she complained about it during production. Try not to think about that when you watch all the amazing kissing scenes in this classic flick.

From Here to Eternity

From Here to Eternity beach kiss
Burt Lancaster & Deborah Kerr / 1953
Here we go with water again! This famous scene of Burt & Deborah grappling passionately in the surf had audiences twittering. The movie actually toned down the book, which was even racier.


Ghost movie kiss
Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze / 1990
Who can forget this ethereal kiss that a heartbroken Demi Moore shares with her deceased boyfriend? The only thing — she’s actually kissing Whoopi Goldberg’s character, whose body is inhabited by the boyfriend’s ghost. It’s never shown on screen, but it’s a little weird if you think about it.


Titanic kiss
Leonardo DiCpario & Kate Winslet / 1997
I’ve never been a big fan of Titanic┬ábut you can’t deny this scene at the prow of the ship (“I’m flying!”) is instantly recognizable.

My Girl

My Girl kiss scene
Macaulay Culkin & Anna Chlumsky / 1991
This innocent first kiss between two pre-teens captured the hearts of viewers. When Macauley’s character later dies retrieving the girl’s lost ring (oops, did I spoil it?), the kiss becomes all the more poignant.


Notorious kiss
Cary Grant & Ingrid Bergman / 1946
Back in the day, Hollywood censors were very strict about what could appear on screen. At the time Notorious was made, there was a rule that kisses couldn’t last more than three seconds. Director Alfred Hitchcock got around the rule by having his stars break off their kiss every three seconds — but the whole scene lasted two and a half minutes, creating the steamiest make-out session moviegoers had ever seen. Notorious indeed.

The Son of the Sheik

The Son of the Sheik
Rudolph Valentino & Vilma Banky / 1926
No list of movie kisses would be complete without one from the original Hollywood stud, Rudolph Valentino. With his Latin good looks, Valentino was one of the most popular film stars of his day, especially with women. When he died in 1926 at just 31 years of age, more than 100,000 fans lined the streets of New York to pay their respects at his funeral — an unheard of crowd for that time.


Juno kiss
Ellen Page & Michael Cera / 2002
OK, so maybe this scene isn’t iconic yet — but it should be. Ellen’s raised middle finger perfectly sum up this feisty movie about a teenage couple dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.

Lady & the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp kiss
Lady & Tramp / 1955
Even if you’ve never seen this Disney classic, you’re likely familiar with this scene, where the two dogs share a shy kiss after slurping up the same strand of spaghetti. So sweet.