Amanda Pendolino
July 04, 2013

Anderson Cooper Does Bad Cher Impression, Wears Ridiculous Outfit (VIDEO)

Cher has a celebrity superfan: Anderson Cooper.

On Anderson Cooper 360 yesterday, the journalist dedicated his “Ridiculist” segment to his own obsession with Cher.

“She’s awesome because she puts up with me and my creepy behavior,” Anderson admitted.

Promoting her new album Closer to the Truth (yep, she’s 67 and coming out with a new album!), Cher appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen — and Anderson showed up as a surprise guest.

“What can I say,” he said. “You try keeping a 46-year-old gay man away from Cher.”

He gushed about the singer, talked about growing up thinking they might be siblings and also recalled the days when she’d call into C-SPAN. He even did a terrible impression of her — and she looks only mildly amused.

“At that point, Cher’s security started to like talk into their hands and motion toward me. I think she thought I was going to insist she come live with me and let me braid her hair, which, Cher, if you’re watching, I totally would do.”

The glee in Anderson’s eyes as he says that last part is so adorable! It’s fun to see celebrities geek out over other celebrities, like Lena Dunham has done with Taylor Swift. Celebs are superfans too!