At Home
Charlotte Hannah
July 03, 2013

Nailed It: Pinterest Fails for the DIY-Challenged

There’s a jolly little teapot on my porch that contains the rotting remains of a sad, long-dead succulent. I have several mugs adorned with my own crappy Sharpie drawings, which I was too lazy to bother baking to set the ink so I can’t actually use them. My windowsill is home to a wine bottle half-draped with crusty bits of yarn.

I own a lot of Mason jars and tea lights.

I am a Pinterest failure – a DIY-challenged wannabe crafter with the patience for only half a project at a time and the skills for less than that.

It’s nice to know I’m not alone, though, which is why is like a second home to me. A second home filled with gross-looking versions of Pinterest’s perfectly staged foods, awkward attempts at “effortlessly cool” hairstyles and craft projects that look like they were done by four-year-olds.

Check these perfect fails (the intended result is above, while the failtastic attempt is below) … and then feel at peace with your sub-par handmade creations.

DIY pizza cone

Melt crayons into new shapes

Easter chicks deviled eggs

Hair bow

Mini monkey rolls

Hanging string ball

Peanut butter cup cake

Watercolor nails

Bunny rolls