Charlotte Hannah
July 02, 2013

PSA of the Day: Don’t Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car (VIDEO)

Here at Twirlit, we love our furry friends. Even though we usually try to keep things pretty light on the site, today we felt we should take some time to remind you to never leave your dog (or cat, or guinea pig) in a parked car – not even for a few minutes.

In this video, veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward demonstrates what it’s like to be left in a parked car on a hot summer day. Watch:

As you can see, even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside a vehicle can quickly exceed 115 degrees on a summer day. Leaving your pet in there, even if you’re just “running to the store real quick,” is not cool – literally.

Thanks for taking the time to get serious with us. Now, back to your regularly scheduled cute cat videos.