Charlotte Hannah
July 01, 2013

What’s Your Bradley Cooper Fan Score?

In a recent survey, Bradley Cooper was voted the man with the world’s sexiest hair.

While I don’t necessarily agree — he rocked a really questionable ponytail recently and inexplicably beat out Ryan Gosling who was also on the list of sexy dudes with hair — I will say the fella’s got some mighty fine locks. And a quick browse through his IMDb page shows he’s worn those locks in a variety of different styles over the years — everything from dreads in Hit and Run to frosted tips in Alias (it was the early 2000’s; give him a break, you guys).

Check out B-Coop’s hair-volution with this visual list of his filmography. It also doubles as a handy checklist for determining your Bradley Cooper Fan Score! How many movies have you seen Bradley and his beautiful hair in?

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Photo credit: Twirlit.com

Photo credit: Twirlit.com