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Laura Crewe
June 27, 2013

You’re the Coolest: 6 Awesome Popsicles You Can Make This Summer

It’s hot! Summer is officially here, the sun is out and it’s stinking hot. Did I mention it’s hot? Time to cool down with a few icy treats.

Now, if you want to shell out for a fancy popsicle maker and whack of accessories, you can make popsicles like this:


Photo credit: Zoku

Or if you’re, you know, average like the rest of us, the recipes below will be more your speed. Most of them are fast, super easy and amazingly delicious.

Lemon blueberry popsicles

Mmmm, lemon blueberry.

DIY Lemon blueberry popsicles

Photo credit: Chocolate & Carrots

Watermelon & cantaloupe popsicles

Super easy, super refreshing watermelon and cantaloupe popsicles.

DIY watermelon and canteloupe popsicles

Photo credit:

Berry & yogurt layered popsicles

Rich Greek yogurt adds creaminess to these fruit popsicles. The maker said: “These were (truthfully) kind of a pain in the butt, but they really are delicious … I would definitely make them again.”

Layered berry yogurt popsicles

Photo credit: The Pinterest Project

Margarita pops

Add some pop to your ‘sicle with these boozy treats.


Photo credit: We’re Calling Shenanigans

Fourth of July popsicles

Get your fourth on with these awesome holiday pops.

Red, white & blue Fourth of July popsicles

Photo credit:


Don’t forget some cool treats for your pooch. They don’t call them the dog days of summer for nothing. These ones are simply frozen broth and water with a chew stick handle.

Broth popsicles for dogs

Via: Pinterest

Lightsaber popsicle molds

OK, not a recipe. But you guys, why did no one tell me these were a thing you could buy?

Lightsaber ice pop popsicle mold

Photo credit: Think Geek

Bonus: Pearl milk tea popsicles

They’re not homemade but these are so good we couldn’t resist adding them to our list of summer snacks. Delish!

Pearl milk tea Asian popsicle

Photo credit: Oh Joy