Charlotte Hannah
June 27, 2013

Romance Alert: Airline Offers Mile High Club Flights

Have you ever considered joining the mile high club, but were too scared of getting busted by a flight attendant or accidentally getting your foot stuck in one of those weird airplane toilets? Well, Ohio airline Flamingo Air is offering a package that’ll make all your dreams come true.

For $425, you can purchase one of Flamingo Air’s special Mile High Club flights and fulfill all your mile high club fantasies without any of the risk or sexy, sexy danger that makes them so exciting in the first place.

You and your special someone get one hour to yourselves inside the curtained-off cabin of a small plane, a bottle of champagne and some chocolates to set the mood and “One (1) VERY DISCREET PILOT.” I don’t envy that guy’s job one bit.

Here’s a picture of the makeshift boudoir. Uh … good luck.

What do you think? Is the Mile High Club flight a cool, once-in-a-lifetime experience, or a lame way to spend an hour trying to do the nasty on a turbulent aircraft?

Oh, and if you have any juicy mile high club stories, feel free to leave them in the comments.