Charlotte Hannah
June 27, 2013

Guy Playing ‘Thunderstruck’ on Flaming Bagpipes Is My New Boyfriend (VIDEO)

See that hot punk rock dude down there? He calls himself the Badpiper — “the world’s only flame-throwing, punk rock piper.”

I don’t know if that claim is true. I also don’t care, because I’m in love with him.

Here, watch a video of the Badpiper playing AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” on a set of flaming bagpipes while wearing a leather kilt (you know what they say about kilts…) and you can be in love with him too. This video had me swooning all over and I don’t even like AC/DC. It also does the unthinkable in somehow managing to make the bagpipes sexy.

This man has a gift for theatrics. Look at those perfectly-timed air-humps!

According to his website, the Badpiper is available for parties and corporate events. Do you hear that, boss? Please make this happen for me.