Charlotte Hannah
June 27, 2013

Get In on the Metallic Nails Trend With These 5 Hot Styles

Glitz, glitter and gold — this summer, nudes are out and metallic, blinged-out nails are in. There are plenty of ways to pull off metallic nails, from a bit of subtle sparkle to a crazy collage of shine and studs.

So, take some inspiration from stars like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez and nail down the perfect metallic look.

Multicolored foils and diamond studs

The design on these metallic nail foils reminds me of a galaxy, while the gold diamond nail studs look like some kind of weird alien spacecraft floating around in space. Even if your interpretation isn’t quite as out there as mine, you’ve got to agree it’s a pretty neat effect.

Regal purple and gold leaf

Rock it like royalty with these deep purple nails with metallic gold leaf detailing.

Pink pastel and fairy sparkles

Pastel colors seem to be making a comeback this year, if the pastel hair trend is anything to go on. Why not take advantage of it by using a pastel pink as a base coat and layering on some metallic silver sparkles?

Silver, blue and green ombre

Speaking of trends, did someone say “ombre”? Put a metallic spin on the ombre trend with these silver, blue and green nails.

Silver mirror chrome

The stunning mirror-like effect of these nails unfortunately can’t be created by polish — these are stick-ons. But still, if you’re looking for a temporary but totally wild look for a night out, slap on a set of these babies. Bonus: you can use them to check your teeth for spinach.