Amanda Pendolino
June 27, 2013

‘Downton Abbey’ Creator Julian Fellowes Says He’d Consider a Part for Diddy

I went crazy for Sean CombsDownton Abbey spoof ‘Downton Diddy’ last month — and it turns out the show’s creator Julian Fellowes did, too.

“I loved that, I thought it was fabulous,” Fellowes raved to the Telegraph about Diddy’s much-hyped Funny or Die video. “I absolutely adored it, but I just couldn’t see how he could have done it.”

In the video, Diddy played Lord Wolcott — and inserted himself into a variety of scenes from the British show’s first three seasons. The results were every bit as amazing as that sounds.

So, will Diddy be cast on the show?

“I’d never says never, though I imagine he’d steal the scene, even if it was a small part,” Fellowes said.  As if that would be a bad thing! Come on, Fellowes! Give the world what it wants: more Diddy!

According to USA Today, Paul Giamatti is one of the new cast members who will join Downton for Season 4; he’ll play Cora’s brother, Harold.

Meanwhile, until he gets the call, Diddy is keeping busy with The Gifted, a documentary about Wale that’s premiering on Diddy’s RevoltTV.