Digital Life
Charlotte Hannah
June 26, 2013

‘Stuff My Guinea Pig Does’ Chronicles the Exciting Life of a Guinea Pig

Ever wondered what your guinea pig gets up to when you’re not around? The answer may be more mundane than you expected.

A few days ago, a Reddit user with the charming name FatGirlsSendMeNudes (oh, Reddit) posted two photo albums full of pictures of his guinea pig … well, doing stuff. It was aptly titled “Stuff My Guinea Pig Does.”

While the guinea pig may not be going on any wild adventures or engaging in shenanigans more exciting than riding a chicken, it does manage to get a lot of everyday tasks done. Honestly, looking at the album might make you a little ashamed of your own lack of productivity. Here are a few highlights:

Walking the dog

Making a stew

Riding a chicken

Mowing the lawn

The post’s popularity even resulted in the creation of a parody Twitter account called Stuff My Guinea Does that boasts even more pictures of guinea pigs doing stuff. Check it out: