Charlotte Hannah
June 25, 2013

Is This Coat Made of Chest Hair the Manliest Thing Ever?

Photo credit: Arla / Wing-Co

Photo credit: Arla / Wing-Co

If you’ll direct your eyes away from this handsome man’s abs for a moment, you’ll notice he’s wearing a rather interesting jacket.

This coat was carefully crafted out of more than a million individual strands of chest hair. Like, from human dudes. It took over 200 hours for a team of fashion designers to weave a bunch of guys’ chest rugs into this fully functional coat, which you can buy for about $3,900 if you have some kind of weird fetish for wearing the hair of strangers.

Excuse me for a second, I just have to …


I’d like to give it points for being a cruelty-free fur coat — but Wing-Co, the chocolate milk brand (??) responsible for birthing this horror unto the world, would actually disagree. According to an ad campaign for Wing-Co, the jacket was created “as a protest against the widespread ‘manning-down’ of British men, typified by clean-shaven chests and emasculating fashion.”

Why they decided to have it modeled by a thin, hairless man, I have no idea.