Charlotte Hannah
June 21, 2013

I Love Your Eyeliner: 10 Hot Makeup-Wearing Guys

According to a recent study, makeup is for dudes now too. A full 18 percent of Millennial guys surveyed said it’s totally fine for a guy to wear foundation, and 12 percent said eyeliner is A-OK. Progress!

I think this is great. Anyone who wants to wear makeup should feel free to do so — and anyone who doesn’t should feel free not to — without being held back by rigid gender roles. (Even greater is the fact that 51 percent of dudes are fine with “man bags” – which means we ladies may soon get a break from having to carry our boyfriends’ stuff in our own purses.)

So, in celebration of this shift in opinion, I’d like to present 10 hot guys whose fondness for makeup has been long documented.

Trent Reznor in the ‘90s

Via; tizzlittlejohn on Photobucket

Via; tizzlittlejohn on Photobucket

I had to lead with this. I had to. These days, Trent seems to have traded in his old, edgy look for gym excursions and Just for Men, but there was a time in ‘90s during NIN’s heyday when he … oh, sorry, I forgot what I was about to say.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s love of eyeliner is well known, and I’m not complaining. But can we also just talk about how he has a scary beard? Seriously, Google “Russell Brand beard” and tell me that thing doesn’t unnerve you.

Tim Minchin

Photo credit: Tim Minchin

Photo credit: Tim Minchin

Here’s another funnyman who can rock eyeliner like it ain’t no thang.

Robert Smith, back in the day

Photo credit: FanPop

Photo credit: FanPop

He may not be quite the looker he used to be, but Robert Smith of the Cure is like, the king of guyliner. Here he is, rockin’ it back in the day.

Johnny Depp

Depp didn’t just do the eyeliner thing as Captain Jack Sparrow — a dab of eye makeup has been his go-to look for years.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron may not be a rocker, but he’s still been known to rock makeup. He goes a little more subtle than most of the other dudes on this list, opting for bronzer and contouring to highlight his natural features – and damn it, I respect him for it. That’s even more bold than an “alternative” guy wearing eyeliner, I’d say.

Pete Wentz

This guy’s eyeliner was basically the only thing that was good about Fall Out Boy. Yeah, I said it.

Jared Leto

I don’t have much to say about Jared Leto. Cool eyeliner, though.

Jack White

It’s surprisingly hard to find a good picture of Jack White obviously wearing makeup, but believe me, he does. He does.

Charlie Chaplin

Photo credit: Unknown

Photo credit: Unknown

Yeah, I realize this one’s a little different because he had to wear makeup for the movies, but whatever. Chaplin was hot – and you can’t exactly make an Internet list with only nine items, can you?