Terri Coles
June 20, 2013

See Another Side of James Gandolfini on Sesame Street (VIDEO)

Actor James Gandolfini was best known as the conflicted mobster Tony Soprano on the legendary HBO show The Sopranos, but he played many other roles in film and television — including this short one on Sesame Street, which you may not be aware of but will be glad you saw.

Last night the news broke that Gandolfini had died suddenly while on vacation in Italy, of a suspected heart attack, at just 51 years old. The tributes poured in quickly from his Sopranos costars and other actors.

Many pointed out that though Gandolfini will likely be most remembered as Tony Soprano, a role he played to perfection and that won him several awards, he actually had a varied career. He recently appeared in Killing Them Softly with Brad Pitt, with whom he appeared in The Mexican about ten years earlier. He was also recently in the critical hit Zero Dark Thirty and did voice work in the adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are.

But this clip from Sesame Street, posted to the show’s official Tumblr page in tribute today, shows a side of Gandolfini that audiences didn’t see much of — one that was probably more familiar to the two children, aged 13 and less than one year, he left behind. It’s sweet to see a man known largely for his role as a murderer comfort an orange puppet about her fear of loud noises and act out his own fears.

Add this to the list of reasons why Gandolfini will be missed.