Charlotte Hannah
June 19, 2013

This Giant Snake Opening a Door May Give You the Panic Sweats (VIDEO)

How do you feel about snakes? Your answer will determine whether your reaction to this video of 16-foot long Burmese python opening a door by itself is “Aww,” or “Ahh!”

Personally, I think snakes are pretty neat, and even kind of cute. But I’m talking about regular pet snakes here: California kingsnakes, milk snakes, ball pythons — harmless little guys who won’t protest if you decide to wear them like a weird hat.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Photo credit: Shutterstock

The snake in this video I’m not so fond of. The snake’s name is Julius, and he’s an absolutely monstrous albino Burmese python – who, as previously mentioned, knows how to open doors. You definitely couldn’t wear this snake like a hat, nor would you want to because it looks like something that has slithered right out of your most disturbing nightmares.

“Honey, I’m hoooooome!”

Despite his scary exterior, Julius is actually a pretty cool cat snake who probably won’t devour you in your sleep. I mean, just look at how he allows this tiny human to climb all over him!